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Mystery Game poll.

Poll #1814788 Mystery Game

Will we get it in 2012?

I forgot there was supposed to be one.
I think it would be fun to see what people have come up with given the new freedom to build huts where we want to build them. I think this is one of the best features in VV4. It lets you feel like it's really your own village.

Unfortunately I'm not quite done myself, but I'll post mine when I am done.

Virtual Villagers 4

Virtual Villagers 4: Tree of Life is in the beta testing phase so it should be out any time now. Let's hope after the really long wait, it turns out to be worth it.

Anyone anticipating it? Or have we all moved on due to the long wait? Any hopes for the upcoming installment or expectations?

Another Virtual Villagers clone.

Just a heads up, Wild Tribe is pretty much a VV clone, with similar mechanics but some interesting additions. I haven't really played it, just loaded it up and did the tutorial, because I don't have time at the moment, but it's pretty obviously a clone. The graphics are... pretty wild. Seems like a fun game though.

Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to get it while you wait for VF and VV4, or, you know, like, grab some popcorn and head over to the ldw.com forums to enjoy some delicious "oh noes, they cloned our game!" whine. I know that was the first thing that came to my mind.

A little screenshot of the game:

It'll blow your mind....Collapse )

VV4 and VF.

I keep checking ldw.com to see if VF is closer to coming out yet. It's going to be out by the end of this month, right? Q1 ends at the end of March? I kind of wonder if the game isn't too similar in concept to Sims (1), but having it be real time will add an interesting layer to it. I'm very curious to see what it will be like.

And, of course, VV4 is going to be out in a few months too. I'm probably looking forward to that most of all. I restarted my VV2 and VV3 tribes today, but I admit I'm kind of bored of playing these games over and over and I need something new! :-)

Hey Guys!

It's been quite a long time since anyone's updated here. Everyone beat the game and lose interest? I actually JUST finally got the game :P I've been having way too much fun with it too! Although VV3 sure seems pretty glitchy! And for the first time ever...I cheated the game :P My lazy villagers just weren't doing ANYTHING so I used Cheat Engine to help me just a little. And now that I've gotten everything bought and the sewing hut completed, I decided to go ahead and use Cheat Engine to boost my tech points so I can buy clothes whenever I want. Seriously...I've never understood why the clothes are 5000 a pop.

Anyways, just thought I'd check in and say hi. I miss this community a lot actually! LOL. 

OOH, and just to share because I always get dorky over stuff like this, my island just had its first set of twins and my second set due any minute now ^^ Aww, but Raiatea just lost her "husband" Rano and ironically enough she's "just a little bit lonely" :( Okay, enough being a loser :P
This is actually two mods.

Either one will make the collectibles in VV2 or VV3 extremely easy to spot. However, the various collectibles have the same images, so a rare feather and a rare coral will both look the same. I've found that this actually makes it easier to spot. I guess it is easier to look for one of three different images rather than one of a dozen different ones. In any case, I never pass up the chance to collect items, even when they're repeats, so I figure it doesn't make much difference whether I know in advance exactly which collectible it is.

[Fiction] Duty, Honour, Love Chapter 1

Author: Angela
Rating: G
Dedication: To Dabu Tribe thanks for the Beta
Disclaimer: This is based on a computer game, this is written from the fictitious point of view. All the character’s feelings and thoughts are those of the author. All names and logos belong to their perspective copyrights. This author claims to own none of these and has used all names and logos without said permission. This is a work of fiction, and is ment as no harm or disregard towards included, names and logos. Any rebalance to actual persons living or dead, event or locales is entirely coincidental.
A/N: This is my Second VV Fan Fic! The First is call “Rains” on here as well. This explains a bit more about my village, the people in it. And lays the ground work for future stories! Enjoy!

QUESTION! Do you think if I wrote some non-G content, like PG-14ish(or higher, upon reques) if I said PM for non-E content i'd get in trouble on the LDW boards?

Chapter 1


Hello Island Of Isola LJ Community! 

I just about fell over when I found out that there was an LJ com for LDW Stuff (YAY!!) by way My Names is Angela, and I go by NurseAngela on the LDW fourms! Since i'm new here I come Bearing gifts! lol! here is a Short Fan Fic I wrote! It's Rated "G" but I do write up to NC-17! So feel free to make request! :)!

Author: Angela
Rating: G
Dedication: To everyone who encouraged me : )
Disclaimer: This is based on a computer game, this is written from the fictitious point of view. All the character’s feelings and thoughts are those of the author. All names and logos belong to their perspective copyrights. This author claims to own none of these and has used all names and logos without said permission. This is a work of fiction, and is ment as no harm or disregard towards included, names and logos. Any rebalance to actual persons living or dead, event or locales is entirely coincidental.
A/N: This is my first VV fan fic, it is not my first fan fic, if you like my writing feel free to jump on over to my LJ and add me! I’m constantly writing :)!. Comments, and constructive criticism are always welcome! Enjoy! ~A!

That's it for now! :)! And I need to get a VV icon!


Grassy field mod.

Someone requested a field of flowers... I couldn't find good images to use for that, but meanwhile I made a grassy field. When I find some flowers it should be easy to add them to this.

VV3 spoiler warning!

Peeps mod download.

The crazy Peeps mod seen here is now up for download.


Things not changed that probably should be (but I didn't find images I liked): graves, collectibles except for mushrooms, some of the carried items.

It's for VV2, and don't forget to backup your real Images folder if you decide to try this mod out.

I don't really recommend starting a tribe from scratch with this, although I don't know any reason why it wouldn't be playable.
I always have trouble naming villagers, so I started keeping a list.

Most of these names are from the books Beyond Jennifer & Jason and Beyond Madison & Montana, baby name websites, name threads on ldwforums.com, and the virtual villagers game itself.

Some of these are stupid, silly, or just plain bad, but I've used a lot of them.

Feel free to add yours!

Free and easy program for family trees.

I found a really simple freeware program that makes family trees.


Started a breeding experiment.

I started an experiment involving not inbreeding throughout the game. It might interest some of you.

It uses VV3 so beware of spoilers.

It's on my lj.

Painted Statue mod for VV3.

This is a mod for the statue in VV3.

Spoiler warning for VV3!

Twins Got Twins!

Okay so I have a set of twin sisters in my Virtual Villagers 2 named Kiti and Kati (Kati was renamed from Kissa since I already had an older Kissa). Well, I decided the village need a growth spurt, and boy did it come! I dediced mainly because I got so angry that my villager Bati was going to heal a villager but got stuck and kept walking back and forth beside him. I dragged her to heal him, but a guy healer comes out of no where and "KISS" a baby! I was so angry because I was going to put Bati with Popoki *grr* but at least the two aren't closely related or that would have made me even angrier. 

Well, in my fit of rage, I decided I would breed all the women I wanted bred right then and there to make sure no other babies were made without my wanting them too. So anyways, I tried putting Kiti with Mahana (a little pain who drank a vial and became an adept parent!) and he kept running away. Guess guys with parent skills want to be the ones to take the initiative *rolls eyes* So I decided I'd try her twin Kati, figured nothing had happened yet so why not. Well, Kati and Mahana took to one another but no success right off the bat. Well, I started wondering if Kati would get twins since Mahana was an adept parent and all, and sure enough after 3 tries, she did! 

Next up, had to find someone for Kiti and chose a villager named Tomil. They took to each other immediately and on the very first smooch...voila! Twins! So now both Kiti and Kati are carrying twins! But what's crazy is the other two that I also bred both only have one...strange! I went from expecting 4-5 kids to getting 6 and that's not even all of the women I wanted to be bred. But I'll wait until those two become masters and another set of twins (Aponi and Atepa) turn 14 :)

Okay, so since this isn't much of an important entry, I thought if anyone else had weird "children" stories, like a runner actually  having a runner, or every kid coming out the same face or same clothes, etc. then we could discuss it and laugh about it :P

Mod for VV3 to get rid of tree overhang.

I think that tree overhang is uber ugly, and collectibles and villagers tend to hide under it, too. So I got rid of it.

It's not perfect, but looks okay. It's just a flip of the other side of the map, with a few minor changes.

Spoiler warning for VV3!

Really simple mod of VV2 veggie field.

Ages ago I made this mod for the ugly veggies in VV2 : The Lost Children.

Images come from Plant Tycoon.

Mod Ideas

Okay, so I might *eventually* attempt a mod, but for now, I'm just curious for ideas and to generate discussion to keep this community kickin!

So, whether it's within reason or not possible at all, if you could have any type of mod what kind would it be?

For example, here are some mods I think would be really cool:

-A Celebrity Mod
How cool would it be to have these (semi)ginormous celeb heads on the tiny bodies and have
celebrities randomly generated? :P I could just see Angelina with all these kids while
Brad's probably some stud. Brit could be that annoying female that keeps embracing :P Okay,
sorry if any of those jokes offend anyone. Just going based off the tabloids. Still, it
would be fun I think!

- New Outfits/Heads Mod
I know there are a few out there that only consist of items like this and there is one for different outfits and heads (I think the outfits from one of the other games in the series was simply borrowed and incorporated to make the very best options only available. But still, I think it would be cool to generate completely new outfits. Ooh, maybe even trendy. And some of those heads are just ugly. I might actually eventually make one clothes/head mod one of these days but I might also make my own best of using all three games options. But not until I own VV3 because I love being surprised by all the different generated items in the beginning!

-A Sound Mod
Okay, so this one I know is probably crazy. But I've wondered what it would be like to have a new sound effects mod. For example instead of just the lame "Oh" it would be funny to get something like "Hey, I'm working here" or something like that. Yeah, so it would get annoying after awhile but for a little bit I think it would be fun. Even if against copyright law :P

Okay, so those are my only ideas right now. Feel free to comment on and/or add to mine to give it more details or give your own ideas for the rest of us to discuss!

A Few Icons

Okay, so I really like to make  icons and other graphics, so I started making some Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children ones. I haven't had much time this week to manipulate them all the way I'd like to have because one, work and two, trying to beat the game as quickly as I could so I could pause and unpause to manipulate scenes without worrying about the effects it could have on my game play. 

So here are only a few, and I'll be honest, most of them are centered on the life of one of my favorite villagers, Suki. And Suki will be a future villager in my fanfictons since all of my villager stories will be based on the gameplay of this same tribe I have going right now :D So this is Suki. I was so thrilled when she was born because, I had already finished a lot of the story of her parents lives before she came along and it gave me the ability to continue forward with a new story!

The icon I'm using right now is of Suki as a young girl.

Here's the rest of her life :D


And two random ones in which the first you can see Suki again :P and the other one, well, what can I say, they reminded me of Marines and I do love Marines :)


That's it for now :) If you like you can snag any of them or feel free to request since I love making graphics for anyone. It's a challenge :D But, I don't have The Secret City yet and I lost the first one, so right now I only have The Lost Children. Of course you can take your own caps for me to use in requests too! I'm completely okay with that!

Normally, I would ask credit but since this is such a small interest, don't think I'm going to hunt you down and demand for credit. So feel free either way. 


Crazy map and peeps.

I was inspired by the ice island mod to make something of my own. I went for c-r-a-z-y!


Just a simple welcome message. :-)



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